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Carnage spread in the sky, the sky Jian Qi roar, that piece of space, as if all become full of holes. Thought here, the North sea dragon Kun no longer hesitate flexor of a bomb, and saw that the statue was again roaring loud thunder spirit, but also a combination of vast power Leiguang roared out, the animal husbandry and dust enveloped inside the body. " Xu shortage trio stunned, they looked at the animal husbandry and dust that gentle smile, but could not help the shiver, which is too hard, right? Los glass touches beautiful eyes looked legged practicing in the state forest, the latter's eyes, seems to be at this time slightly twitched, immediately shook her head funny, not words. Too Cang president is also aware of the kind of volatility, look also slightly changed. In that Thunder, and still there is a black God of thunder constantly roaring, dust, animal husbandry and land on the body, from the sky Leiguang fried.

In the spirit of the hospital waiting for the arrival of the day when the contest begins, dust, animal husbandry, also heard the Tan Cang mountains north they came to the hospital's spiritual message. Wholesale jerseys china " Share some bigwigs dark regret, North Cang Ling hospital potential weak when originally wanted to sell he is going to give some help, the way to make North Cang Ling hospital owes them a favor, but now it seems they have It is lost that opportunity. This Huanglong supreme, finally had enough, and intends to complete the two beheaded. Above the horizon, came the supreme Huanglong Jingnu voice, he looked at that light among the shadows, look some shock, though not his best previous strike, but that does not mean it to be readily broken, the front of this mystery Woman, what is backing? She said what baby? Could it be that kid is not even her son? "Sir, that smell Komaki dust enchanted dragon stole my treasure, if he is your child, you can rest away, we do not make things difficult for him, as long as the treasure returned!" Huanglong Supreme Chen Sheng Road. Wholesale jerseys supply

Also eyes shimmering dust, animal husbandry, gently nodded." Xu looked barren dust, animal husbandry, they slowly Road. Transfer ling array of light, filled with dust, animal husbandry and their eye, the mind also because transmission and led to some sense of dizziness, vertigo, but fortunately this did not last too long, they feel the spatial fluctuations is gradually stabilizing, in front of bright light, it is quickly dissipated. For this outcome, in fact, many chiefs are secretly relieved, North Cang Ling hospital, although many of the top forces beyond the monster, but all these years, but did not revealing too huge ambition, this ratio From Long enchanted, it has been good on the much, if this time is not long enchanted well-prepared, even immeasurable ancestors also invited this and other big man, surely there will be some big brothers shot at the last minute, to help the North Cang Ling hospital to retrieve the situation. Wholesale jerseys free shipping Originally intended to forcibly summon jiu evolution of animal husbandry dust, the body is shoved startled at this time, he was a bit foolishly turned his head, looked at the road that appear in the light of cohesion woman figure, that road shadow, vaguely like buried deep in the memory of the most gentle contours that road, from the time he was sensible, that is, the figure never seen that road, but that innermost gentle shadow, but it is as if the mark had not dispersed in general, it is derived from blood imprint An even time can not erase the fetters.