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" After saying that, he shoved Yiduo feet, monstrous spiritual power swept out, together with Bao, also suddenly resounded:" Shadow God tactic, tied Tin Ying" Like monstrous spiritual power over Liu Ying cohesion, turned out to be of the order a little knowledge is a huge gray shadow lasts, that piece of light and shade, cover open, as if even the sky is obscured, all light, all is kind of weird Huiying absorption away. Cheap nfl jerseys for sale So, he must also be at the hospital six months after the contest begins Spirit, so that was his strength, have greatly improved. Dust, animal husbandry, with a wry smile and shook his head, do not ignore them, look to the side of Los glass, and some dismay and said:" That I'm not the six months have not see you." Dust, animal husbandry slightly hesitated eyes of the passing touch of surprise color, for the name, and he can not strange because in the spirit of the way, he also met a teenager named Wu Ling, the boy j��ng fight through a variety of art, means fierce, often make the kind of things Xiongshou unarmed fight, although each are black and blue, but he is quite a thrill to enjoy this fight. "Ready to transmit spiritual matrix. Now, however, the once so that was a lot of high-rise homes north Cang Ling super ruthless people whom headache, even so thoroughly planted in the hands of the dust, animal husbandry. Like a real grain of Thunder. Cheap nfl jerseys usa

At this hospital team spirit this shortage is particularly awkward, that the siege of their four teams, the strength is very strong, has a less than any team is their strength, and now four teams together, almost their the weight to be naked. Long enchanted defeat, the momentum has plummeted, although still also has a three supreme them, still has a strong strength still is, but if we want to come to the hospital, compared with the North Cang spirit, then, is no greater in the past that contend capital., when it will burst into terrifying impact. But it is suddenly looking for a change. Cheap nfl jerseys Ninth, shortage spiritual homes, captain Ji dyke, score one thousand points. Spread to his body.

Son. In its whole body, majestic spiritual power watch, the black mine slurry are driven back, Zhang Xu size to form a vacuum. Shrill screams sounded again, everyone hurried looked inside and saw too tall black tower, golden flame completely wrapped Huanglong supreme body, then passing the flame, a huge bang resounded, that supreme Huanglong body turned out to be at this point thoroughly blast off, but not to be filled Xue Wu, had already been the golden flame, will everything, burning became a nothingness. Cheap nfl jerseys authentic Falls on the mountain, dust, animal husbandry directed pale Linzhou, who faint smile, said. It was a man dressed in blue robes, above the blue robe, painted a Road black waterlines. Dust, animal husbandry, it is clear that terrible gap between him and Huanglong supreme, so did not have any left hand, all means are at this time no reservations cast out. Because they can still clearly remember the day Niangqin dust, animal husbandry in the shot when the Supreme refining Huanglong, also resorted to such a dark tower, and it is the kind of golden flame, not only the supreme bodies of law, the Supreme Huanglong refinery was spotless, and even their body, they are turning to ashes.

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