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Over the years, the hospital has always pay attention to the spirit of the North Cang fair, not special treatment of some outstanding gifted students, it does not give those students superior adult status and identity, therefore, difficult to absorb the North Cang Ling homes to those with a stunning talented genius student, after all, this kind of NPC suspicious air of pride, in other spiritual homes, high above them, above the ordinary student, enjoying all the privileges, and that for them, too many benefits, so they are naturally not willing Cang Ling easily join the North hospital. Cheap jerseys usa "Two little beasts. On the outside of that sky light curtains, lingxi volley standing, she looked beautiful eyes cold on some bleak gouring array, immediately look to be too Cang migraine president, said:"I have said are in accordance ready Ok?" "Ah. Cheap jerseys for sale Kun Lengheng North sea dragon, that spirit on a huge body of mine, actually suddenly has a channel black Lingyu growth from its body, those Lingyu, thorough the body, as if rooted in general, Black Mountain surging, so that was it issued a thunder-like roar, as if extremely painful. Ji Hyun, Hope Road in the battle, and nothing can, since this time able to meet the spirit of hospital competition then we have another fight on a fight, but this time, I will not give you any way out You want to play, I'll play with you in the end! Dean looked too pale a grazing dust, then he said:"This Ji Hyun, dean of the Holy Spirit personally invited by opening special enrollment this year to use a lot of resources to the Holy Spirit hospital, he had a culture, so just one year Ji Hyun much time it is in nascent identity, ranks among one of the top students of the Holy Spirit hospital, those trainees veteran strong, all he exhaustively stepped down.

Their visual look, eyes full of unwilling, they finally pressed into the barren courtyard spirit so you can watch the information at hand, the result of a sudden coming out of a stumbling block, but also so fierce, the teams are sky spiritual homes defeated They reluctantly Yi Tan, only shook his head and flashed away, dust, animal husbandry, not a pack attached to them, shoving their scores to rob, they have regarded them than large tripod better the spirit of the hospital. In lingxi tense alert when dust, animal husbandry body, soul before God, and that a female species is now a foot size of a fist, it looked like a exudes radiance of pearls, which contains a majestic shade of force, which is the result of dust, animal husbandry, spent two months time to absorb the culture of spiritual power. Cheap jerseys china Falls on the mountain, dust, animal husbandry directed pale Linzhou, who faint smile, said. Dust, animal husbandry, palm down, suddenly shoot down.

North Cang Ling hospital dispatched all strong. Cheap jerseys free shipping " Xu shortage of them looked at each other, can also sit back and wait for the Linzhou their wake. But in the face of dust, animal husbandry, she is obviously not the same as treating others, in front of the juvenile, bright and clear eyes as if to let her heart get proof is lessened, and this being the reason or Xuyou Jing aunt But she is also clear that she also liked to talk with him the kind of relaxed and warm.